Pharmacy Tips for Improved Workflow

Your pharmacy is a business, which means that efficiency and a productive workflow are key points in enhancing success and increasing revenue. If you’re not taking steps to improve your pharmacy’s efficiency, you may not be seeing the growth and customer satisfaction that you could be. In order to improve your pharmacy, let’s look at some of the things an expert in the Six Sigma method would suggest.


Any organization needs to measure its performance, otherwise there is no telling where improvement needs to be made or where improvement has already been made. How do you expect to know how well you’re performing if you don’t measure progress? Measure productivity as well as accuracy, such as how many prescriptions per hour are being input.

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Take a look at your inventory and make sure that it is being kept within optimal levels, as too much inventory or too little inventory can both be big problems for your pharmacy. When you have too much inventory, you’re taking up space that could be used for other products, and too little inventory results in complaints, lost sales, and stock-outs.


Automation is one of the best things organizations of all kinds can do, especially pharmacies that depend on accuracy and efficiency to maintain customer satisfaction and enhance workflow. Use independent pharmacy software or some other form of technological automation to ensure that your pharmacy is performing as well as it can. This software can also make it less time consuming to handle certain tasks, increasing productivity for all staff.

If you’re looking to grow your pharmacy, you need to make sure that you’re doing all that you can to be efficiency and provide the best services to customers possible. Measuring performance, taking inventory, and using technology are three ways to do so.