Detox Programs 101

It is important that we understand the basics of detox programs and what there are meant for.  Many people think that a detox program is simply locking you away from your vices for a few days and sending you home.  However, professionals that run detox programs in eden prairie, mn work with you, your doctors and your family in order to get you help and to keep you from entering into a downward spiral.

What type of substances have you been using?

This is the first question that is asked.  When you go into a detox program you need to know what you are detoxing from.  Each substance will require a different medication and treatment plan.  What works for alcohol might not work well for pills or other substances.

How long have you been using?

The next question is to determine how long you have been using.  The longer you have used, the more damage you have done to your body.  If your body has been using these substances for years, taking them away too quickly can result in greater damage then it would if you continued to use them.

Method of usage

How have you used these substances?  Some people drink others take pills; others inject.  How you use these substances will determine treatment methods that you will need to undergo.

Family history

What is your family history of using these substances?  Many people will have a genetic disposition to using these substances that needs to be addressed.  If parents used while you were in gestation, then you may have damage to your body as well.  All of these factors need to be taken into consideration before an effective treatment plan can be created.

Any underlying conditions

detox programs in eden prairie, mn

Finally, determining what other underlying conditions that you may have that you are using these substances for – mental issues, physical pain and many more.  Once we know these then a detox program can be created to help you resolve your issues.